“There are so many tow truck companies around me, what should I choose?” Have you asked yourself this question before? Have you encountered a car accident or problem on the road? Well, these are natural occurrences. When these cases happen, you should be calm and never let panic override you. 

In New Jersey, our Elizabeth towing service is known for its local tow services. We understand your struggles on the road, and we are here to help you with your needs and concerns. Our company offers a professional tow truck service. Our team is trained not just to tow your car but to tow your vehicle safely. Don’t be afraid when you meet unexpected events on the road. Always remember that we got your back!

5 Steps while waiting for a Local Tow Truck

When you encounter road misfortunes by chance, it is best not to panic. If any unforeseen events take place, you should search on your phone for “tow truck companies around me.” Here are other 5 Steps that you probably need to know while waiting for Local Tow Truck: 

1. Park your car safely on the shoulder and turn on your flashers. 

When you experience unexpected circumstances on the road, like having flat tires or running out of fuel/gas, it is best to park your car safely off the road. Choose a spot that has enough space off the road so that you are away from traffic. Then turn on your hazard lights to let everyone be aware that caution is needed as a roadside situation has taken place.

2. Stay calm. Inform your family or friends about your situation.

Ask your family and friends what to do and what tow truck company they can recommend you. Then, call the company and wait patiently for the local tow service to arrive.

3. As much as possible, choose the best local tow truck company in your area.

Yes, absolutely! Try to call the best local tow truck company in your area. Secure the safety of your car while it is being towed on the road. 

4. Call the tow truck company and request a flatbed tow truck service.

Flatbed tow trucks are the best choice when securing a local tow truck service. Flatbeds are known because they have lower risks of damaging your car while towing on the road. You can ensure that your vehicle, when loaded, stays in a stationary position. 

5. While waiting, prepare your vehicle for the towing service.

Put your car in neutral so that your car’s wheels can roll freely with less risk of harming the drive train when it is hooked up by the tow truck. Also, get your bags, gadgets, and other essential belongings out of your car. Try to look for other damages and take a picture or list them so that when the tow truck service arrives, you can report to them in detail the things you need for your car. 

Get Local Towing Service in Elizabeth, NJ

Road problems are inevitable. That’s why before you start driving, it is best to make sure that everything you need is secured and brought behind your car seat. But let’s admit it, sometimes you still need to call professionals to help and tow you away from accidents and minor road difficulties. Whether you need tire repair, a lockout service, gas delivery, a local or long-distance towing service, or a battery jumpstart, don’t hesitate to contact Elizabeth Tow Truck at 908-360-2090. Elizabeth Tow Truck, your best towing company in Elizabeth, New Jersey!