How long has that car been sitting in your garage unused?  Maybe you don’t know what to do with it yet, whether to hold on to it or let it go.  Either way, the longer you stay undecided, the longer your car wastes away. Why prolong the burden of a car you’re not using anymore if you can easily convert it into cash?  There are different ways you can turn that car to cash.

There’s many reasons why you may have an older, junk car.  Here are some options that you can consider before you decide to sell your old car.

  • As Is

Selling a car “as is” is by far the simplest way to do so.  However, it must be made clear to any potential buyer that there may be faults or issues with your car.  Make sure to point out the ones that you are aware of. Not doing so may give you quick and easy money but might also just cause you troubles in the future.  If you’re selling to a end-user (meaning somebody who is going to drive the vehicle) might come back later and hold you reliable for repairs.

  • By Parts

You may have put your car to rest for a specific reason or maybe, for a single part alone.  One part may be damaged beyond repair or there may be financial restrictions that have caused the vehicle to be inoperable.  If this is the case then that doesn’t necessarily mean that your car or truck is useless. For cases like this, breaking up your car for parts is the best option.  You might be surprised by how much you can trade for the smallest of your accessories. Take precautions, though, especially for those who are not that mechanically inclined.

  • For Scrap

Whether your car is really dead or have most of its parts are worn or broken, there’s still something you can do about it.  There’s good money in selling to scrap metal “scrapper” and a decent amount of value can be found in your car whatever its size may be.  The older it is, the bigger is its tendency to be heavier. The weight of the metal dictates the price you get when selling something for scrap.

  • Online

There are a lot of advertisements and websites available online delivering a lot of offers to buy junk cars.  This may require some research work on your part for your assurance, if they are available in your area and if they provide towing services.

  • Local Junkyard

Local junkyard services are already everywhere.  You just need to determine which one is reliable and offers a good deal for vehicles of any age and condition.  You can also save more from this for we also offer free towing services as part of your purchase deal. The challenge with a junkyard is that you’ll need to pay for the transportation of your vehicle if it is incapable of driving.

If you’re looking for simple a cash for junk car trade, know that we will pay cash for your vehicle no matter the vehicle type, age or condition. Elizabeth Tow Truck is your best option for a reliable junk car buying company.  You’ll get fast cash in your hands for any vehicle without the agony of long waiting periods, rebates or forms to submit. Call us today!