Elizabeth Tire Repair Services

A flat tire can be triggered in numerous ways. If you glanced at your dashboard and are seeing the “low tire pressure” light on, then it’s important to take immediate action.

Pull over to nearest and safest spot to asses your tires. If your tires are noticeably flat and you don’t have a spare tire or are uncomfortable with putting one on, then give our roadside assistance team a call now.

If the light is turned on then and it’s difficult to see where the leak is coming from, then it cause can be from one of two things. Your tires can either be low, from time or there could be a nail, slowly leaking air. Either way, no need to worry, you should be okay as long as you get to a nearby gas station and fill up your tires.

If you need assistance, our recovery service technicians can remove nails, change tires and properly fill up tire pressures to the appropriate amount. Visit my friend: Newark Towing

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