No matter how well maintained your vehicle is, vehicle breakdowns can still take place. Thus, it is important to be prepared and proactive at all times. Aside from doing a quick check before commencing your trip, being proactive also means making smart decisions when it comes to searching for a “tow company near me” for rescue.

Depending on the urgency of your situation, it might be tempting to settle for whatever rescue is available if the breakdown caught you off guard. However, do remember that hiring an incompetent towing service in Elizabeth will only waste your money and time.

As early as now, watch out for these signs to ensure that you’ve saved the hotline of a truly reliable and prompt tow truck company:

1. The company is licensed and has credentials to show.

Local tow companies invest in advertisements to lure customers but this shouldn’t be your major basis when choosing. The role of marketing is to inform you that a particular tow company exists but it is their license and credentials that will prove that they are worth hiring and they are sincere in their field.

2. Transparency (No Hidden Charges)

Some tow companies are only after their sales. They will likely lure you for your yes but you’ll be surprised with the other charges they will bill in the end. On the contrary, a good Elizabeth towing and roadside assistance company is always upfront about the cost of the services it offers. As soon as the tow company’s call support takes your emergency call, do not forget to inquire about this clause as well to ensure that you won’t be billed extra later on.

3. Great Reviews and High Ratings

A lousy tow company can spend so much on advertisements but this won’t suffice in concealing its bad performance. The real gauge of a company’s reliability and overall quality is the reviews and ratings that its former customers have made. Nowadays, these are already widely accessible on the web just waiting for you to take advantage of.

4. Customer Care and Professionalism

Different car issues can arise, necessitating prompt roadside assistance or towing rescue and it won’t necessarily involve the engine of your car. It could be because you accidentally ran over a flat tire and you haven’t brought a spare, or you simply ran out of gas and you need mobile gas delivery as soon as possible. In such cases where time is of the essence, your choice of a tow company will play a crucial role in ensuring you and your passengers’ safety. Find a company that is prompt to take calls, understands its roles, and handles its customers with quality, courtesy, and professionalism no matter the pressure. It will always pay off.

5. 24/7 Availability

While there are a number of tow companies available in and around Elizabeth, New Jersey, only a few like Elizabeth Tow Truck offer real 24-hr tow truck service Elizabeth, NJ services. Emergencies can happen anywhere, any time of the day. Thus, having a company you know you can trust and that can come to your rescue when road misfortunes take place is very important.

Here at Elizabeth Tow Truck, your safety is our topmost priority. Save our hotline today and have us come to your rescue as soon as necessary. We are the number 1 tow truck and car recovery company in and around Elizabeth, New Jersey for a reason.