Jersey City Towing

A Reputable Towing Service in Elizabeth, New Jersey

Elizabeth Tow Truck is who you should call if you are in need of immediate, premium road assistance and towing services not just in Elizabeth, New Jersey but also in and around Jersey City and its other neighboring towns.

Accidentally got locked out of your car? Ran out of gas? Is your car acting strangely, its battery got busted or it ultimately starts malfunctioning? Or worst, you got into a car accident and your vehicle will need towing in Jersey City or its neighboring towns in New Jersey? Worry no more! Our adept towing operators and car recovery technicians will efficiently and effectively respond to your situation in the shortest time possible. We are known as one of the best towing companies in Elizabeth, New Jersey for a reason.

Superior Tow Truck Service

Our aim is to render quality service not just for our fellow Elizabeth community but also in Jersey City and our other neighboring towns. Hence, although we are a locally owned business, we make sure our professionals provide the most accurate solutions and superior quality service to your towing and road assistance needs wherever you may be any time of the day.

Here in Elizabeth Tow Truck, we acknowledge the fact that car troubles may happen even when you least expect them. As the possibility of road emergencies remain, our front-liners are rigorously trained to take the edge off your stress. With only a brief interview, you can expect us to promise accurate solutions and reliable response time. With Elizabeth Tow Truck, you will always feel safe and accompanied on the road however remote your location is.

24/7 Up and Working

Whether you are in Jersey City, Elizabeth City, or the latter’s neighboring towns in New Jersey, you can always be sure that you have a good Jersey City towing company to rely on. When your vehicle decides to break down, Elizabeth Tow Truck will come to your rescue day or night, rain or shine!

Car breakdowns are likely manageable if you have buddies around to call for help. But more often than not, when the bad luck strikes at night, more so, during the oddest hours of it, the chance of finding help is low and slow. The good news is you have Elizabeth Tow Truck if you run out of available help options for towing or other car recovery services. Call us any time of the day if you are in need of the following services

  • Roadside Assistance Services such as Battery Jumpstart, Gas Fuel Delivery, Tire Repair/Replacement, and Vehicle Lockout Service
  • Towing Services such as Light to Medium Duty Towing, Vehicle Towing and Relocation Services

With our state of the art tools and towing equipment supported by our highly skilled and experienced operators and technicians, whether your vehicle is a sedan, an SUV, a pick-up truck, or a motorcycle, it is guaranteed handled and/or repaired in the best way possible.

Reliability Is One Of Our Core Values

Here in Elizabeth Tow Truck, you can automatically take the reliability advantage for your vehicle. Wherever your location is, our adept technicians will respond to your emergency call and get to your location to provide the services you need immediately. Even if you are in Jersey City or other towns outside Elizabeth, our reliable team will address your emergency roadside assistance service needs the soonest time possible. Your satisfaction matters immensely to us!

Realistic and Fast Response Time

Depending on your location, our 24/7 front liners will give you a realistic estimated time of arrival. Because we know the danger you could be in on the road, we always strive to get to your location the quickest time possible. Our response team uses the latest GPS technology and undergoes rigorous training’s and lectures that tackle not only proper towing and road assistance standards but also geographical familiarity so as to make sure we navigate through traffic efficiently and arrive at your location in the shortest time we can. Our average response time is 30 minutes.

Wide Ranged Towing Services

  • All Vehicle Kinds
    We offer towing and car recovery services not just for common types of vehicles like sedan, SUV, wagon, and pick-up trucks but also for ATVs, scooters, and motorcycles. We can even tow your luxury car. Just send us an email ahead.

Because cars are a precious belonging, we make sure we give you that special care your car needs. We tow and handle all sorts of vehicles in accordance to proper handling and towing standards. We take a cautious approach to make sure your vehicle is protected from any scratch, dings, or dents.

  • Our services include towing (flatbed, dolly, light duty, commercial, police and government), battery jumpstart, lock recovery service, gas delivery, flat tire service, vehicle removal, junk car removal and purchase, impound services, and more!
  • Elizabeth Tow Truck offers its high quality services not just in its own community but also in its neighboring cities like Jersey, Newark, Irvington, Hillside among others.

Here in Elizabeth Tow Truck, your vehicle is taken care of the best way it deserves.